Bernard Ferguson

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Upcoming, The Common, 2019

Upcoming, The Southampton Review, 2019

Upcoming, Breakwater Review, 2019

Upcoming, Water~Stone Review, 2019

i just don’t think we should have to subject ourselves to the violence that beckons outside,” Pinwheel, 2019

“on the night my father died,” SLICE Magazine, 2019

“death is a currency,” Berkeley Poetry Review, 2019

up the creek of my nostril, with an uncoiling thing,” The Paris Review, 2019

only so many types of hunger you can pack onto an island before you’re surrounded,” “on humor,” and “juxtaposition with foliageThe Adroit Journal, 2019 (republished upon winning a Adroit Journal Djanikian Scholarship)

in defense of selfies,” and “the thing about touch,”Up North Lit, February 2019

the #2 bus riding along franklin avenue in minneapolis is filled with black people,” Winter Tangerine, January 2019

the immigrant drafts a cover letter”, The Adroit Journal, August 2018

under fireworks, the immigrant remembers his feet,” The Boiler, February 2018

"when i say yall dont move like we do" and "love does not want this body," Tinderbox Poetry Journal, February 2018

all these flavors and you chose salty,” “on nihilism,” Up The Staircase Quarterly, February 2018

“self-portrait with nostalgia,” “only so many types of hunger you can pack onto an island before you’re surrounded,” Raleigh Review, March 2018

"on eagerness", Best New Poets 2017, January 2018

"on humor," Epiphany Magazine, November 2017

juxtaposition with foliage,” Nashville Review, November 2017

"common and john legend's Glory echoes in the background during the march on downtown minneapolis after Jamar Clark was shot... " and "one day the tide will recede and we'll all be dead," HEArt Online, November 2017

"for the call to comcast," Glass: A Journal of Poetry, July 2017

"weeks after announcing her boycott of the death penalty, state attorney Aramis Ayala is pulled over by the police," Poets Reading The News, July 2017

“alternate universe in which no human body is illegal,” Mizna Summer Issue: Surviving, July 2017

in which i mistake ruby from blackish as a family member” and “while standing in the kitchen, my roommate say luke cage aint shit,” FreezeRay, June 2017

folks come out the woodwork to like your successes on facebook” and “for the commute,” The Rush,  June 2017

and Batman never came back to my island,” TRACK//FOUR, June 2017

glory,” Santa Ana River Review,  May 2017

on eagerness,” Third Point Press, April 2017

and Batman never came back to my island,” Glass: A Journal of Poetry, March 2017


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